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A member of OHI’s family of companies focused on treating conditions and diseases of the lower extremities, PedAlign has established itself as a top-quality custom foot orthotic manufacturer. We use only the highest quality materials, top covers, bottom covers and adhesives to fabricate our superior othotics.


Michael T. DPM

Washington, DC

Always friendly and quick to respond, PedAlign consistently goes the extra mile to make us happy.

Jeffrey S. DPM


I have been so pleased with the quality and precise fit of their orthotics and their scanning technology. I recommend the PedAlign System to all my colleagues.

Dr. Brian Zimmerman

President, Ashland Mansfield Foot and Ankle Specialists

Many happy patients have gotten relief from your PedAlign orthotics over the years. Many repeat patients drive a far distance just to be prescribed your orthotics from my office.

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