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PedAlign Superior Orthotics are among the highest quality Orthotics in the industry. They are designed and fabricated with the most discerning customer in mind - The Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. We hold our products up to such a high standard because we understand that your patient is holding you up to a very high standard as well.

The orthotics listed here are our base models. Our simple electronic prescription form lets you customize each device to treat the vast majority of pathological biomechanical conditions of your patients.

Specify your prescription by choosing from multiple extension lengths, intrinsic/ extrinsic postings, top cover colors, cushioning, biomechanical accommodations, cut outs, and alternative material options. There are literally thousands of ordering combinations.

Our advanced technology includes a feature that allows you to save your most typically prescribed accommodations and orthotic types into quick order templates for even faster ordering.
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Heel Spur Kids Heel Neuroma Plantar Fasciitis
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