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A technology like no other!
PedAlign uses true foot contours and arch height measurements in order to produce a high-quality orthotic. The digital cast combined with the practitioner's prescription is electronically transmitted to the lab where our technicians decodes, analyzes and evaluates every order prior to orthotic fabrication. The result: a superior orthotic device that is shipped back to the doctor's office within days.  
Modernize your office!  
Plaster has been used for many decades in the medical field, and it hardly signals 'up-to-date' to patients. With the revolution in technology including CT's, MRI's, and Digital Xray's among other high tech advancements that have increased efficiencies, reduced costs and given patients the best clinical outcomes, isn't it about time your orthotics business took a technological leap forward as well?  
For Specialists Only!  
The system has been designed with one single user group in mind: The most discerning specialist in foot biomechanics - the Doctor in Podiatric Medicine. All user interfaces, available options, cast interpretation, etc. have come from the country's leading Podiatrists and their staff who have been tweaking and improving our system for the past years to make it a true DPM worthy alternative to plaster. As we continue to grow we look to our future customers, to tell us what we should offer. A special accommodation, or material, a different product or other request, our open system allows us to incorporate feedback and grow with the changing market place.  
Open, Modular Architecture - The Future Built In!  
We designed the software with the future in mind and because we know the future will change. This way we can guarantee that you will always be running the most state of the art software.  
An Orthotics Marketing System!  
WOW your patients with our sleek contemporary design. Use our interactive display monitor to discuss the patient pathology, superimpose bone structure, and pinpoint cutout accommodations. The system can generate a plantar pressure reading similar to a Pedobarograph report. This can be useful for diabetic patients to aid the practitioner in his or her diagnosis and more. All these tools add up to an effective orthotics marketing and organization system that will streamline your orthotic businesses and increase revenues.  
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